Free Kanji Practice App similar to Skritter, 書き取り漢字練習


I was browsing the Japanese app store in the Education section, just seeing what I could get my hands on, and came across this diamond gem of an app.

It’s called 書き取り漢字練習, and it’s an app that functions much like Skritter.

You read a sentence in Japanese, and then write the Kanji or the Kana depending on what it is asking for.  For each lesson, there is first a kana writing practice and then it asks you to write the Kanji from memory.  I believe the app contains all 2000 or so standard use Kanji.

The handwriting recognition is superb, it’s super fun to use, the sounds are fun, and it is FREE!  You can’t beat that!

My only complaint is that sometimes the ads can get in the way of the erase function, but you can shake the device to erase anyway.  Also, it may be a little difficult if you have no knowledge of Japanese to learn what the readings mean, but one should use a dictionary app in combination with this app and this concern is nullified.  I recommend the “Japanese” dictionary app. (the one with the red icon that says “日本語”)

Happy practicing!


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